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Electroyuzhatommontazh Ltd.

Managerial Board

Management, Electroyuzhatommontazh

Vladimir V. SHEVTSOV

Management, Electroyuzhatommontazh

Adviser to the General Director

Management, Electroyuzhatommontazh

Nikolay A. GRECHKA
Technical Director

Management, Electroyuzhatommontazh

Director of Foreign Economic Activity

Management, Electroyuzhatommontazh

Lyudmila V. PETUHOVA
Finance Director

Management, Electroyuzhatommontazh

Valeriy F. NIGUEY
Vice General Director of Precommissioning Works

Management, Electroyuzhatommontazh

Vice General Director
of Marketing and Montage

The Limited Liability Company Electroyuzhatommontazh (EUAM Ltd.) created in July 2009 is a legal successor of all rights and obligations of the Joint-Stock Company Corporation Electroyuzhmontazh (KEUM), before 1993 the trust Electroyuzhmontazh founded in 1945.

The EUAM Ltd. performs installation and precommissioning of electrical equipment, control-and-measuring instrumentation and automatic means at thermal and nuclear power plants, network substations, power transmission lines, industrial enterprises, oil-and-gas projects, designing of indoor and outdoor engineering networks and systems of electric power supply, equipment, lighting, systems of automation and control-and-measuring instrumentation, technological designing of electric power projects as well as designing, manufacturing and supply of electrical items for TPP and NPP.

The EUAM Ltd. has in Ukraine six mounting divisions and one precommissioning division with 320 qualified personnel trained, examined and permitted to work at thermal and nuclear power plants, substations, power transmission lines, and one mounting-precommissioning division with 150 employees in Russia. Besides, the EUAM Ltd. is a co-owner of the Russian-Ukrainian joint venture Kurskatomventelectro Ltd. in Dzerzhinsk Town near Moscow with approximately 150 employees.

The quality assurance system introduced in the EUAM Ltd. was developed in compliance with demands of ISO 9001:2008 and certified by the International Certifying Organization Bureau Veritas Certification (the latest Certificate of Approval No.UA 226090 issued on 2009.09.17) as well as over sixty-year experience in the sphere of installation and precommissioning of electrical equipment is a guarantee of quality, security, reliability and economical operation of the customer's equipment and systems with project parameters.The EUAM Ltd. obtains all necessary certificates and permits for the works execution.

Work experience

Since 1994 the Electroyuzhatommontazh Ltd. has been cooperating with power engineering firms in Ukraine and abroad.

During latest years the EUAM Ltd. fulfilled works on reconstruction of Starobeshevo TPP Unit 4, on reconstruction of units of Mironivska and Kurakhovska TPP, at substations of the JSC Kharkivoblenergo, of the NEK Ukrenergo - Northern, Donbasska, Southern Power Systems, at substations of the JSC Poltavaoblenergo, at the Zaporizka, Rivnenska, Khmelnitska, Yuzhno-Ukrainska NPP in Ukraine, Leningradskaya and Kurskaya NPP in Russian Federation.

At present time the Electroyuzhatommontazh Ltd. is carrying out works at substations 330 kV Novo-Kyivska, and Severnaya, substation 220 kV Lisichanska, substations 110 kV Stalingradska and Zhemchuzhna, as well as at Kurakhovska TPP in Ukraine, at Leningradskaya and Kalininskaya NPP, Severo-Zapadnaya HPS, oil refining plant Kinef, HPS-27, HPS-22 in Russia, TPP Obra in India, TPP Gorazal in Bangladesh.

During 2004-2008 we carried out works to contracts with ALSTOM Power Sweden AB and German Company Knauf (KnaufGips).

Our Services:

  • engineering
  • installation, adjustment and start-up works of electric equipment, instrumentation and automatic means at electric power projects, industrial enterprises and the like
  • installation of 0.4-750 kV power transformers
  • erection of 0.4-750 kV power substations and power transmission lines
  • manufacturing, completing and supply of electrotechnical structures, components, articles, fixtures, materials, equipment
  • designing of indoor and outdoor engineering networks and systems of electric power supply, equipment, lighting, systems of automation and control-and-measuring instrumentation
  • technological designing of electric power projects
  • elaboration, designing, modernization, manufacturing of articles and structures for NPS, TPS, substations
  • manufacturing and supply of elements, items and units important for nuclear power plants safety
  • welded joints testing either by non-destructive or by destructive methods
  • training, re-training and certification of workers for performance of electric mounting and pre-commissioning works at NPS and TPS
  • certification on safety and special kinds of works at nuclear power plants, qualification updating of welders, certification of quality inspectors

Electrical Components & Materials Supply:

  • Zinc coated metal duct sections for cables laying
  • Metal components for cables laying
  • Zinc coated punched metal pieces
  • Cable and pipe holders
  • Bunch bands and bandages
  • Cable terminals
  • Fittings for instrumentation, control and automatic means mounting for TPP and NPP
  • Non-hermetic metal hoses
  • PVC plastic sleeves
  • Thermoshrinking insulating sleeves
  • Thermoshrinking cable terminators and couplings
  • Terminal boxes
  • Distribution cabinets
  • Electrically driven valve units
  • Stands for I&C and automatic means devices
  • Boards for I&C sensors for NPP